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The following is a collection of sleeping equipment to see a full range of Sleeping bags and Airbeds etc please visit in store or for more information or call 01924 864494


Outwell Dreamcatcher Double 10.0cm
Children's Kampa airbed available in Blue or Pink
outwell campion lux double 2020
Outwell Campion Lux Double - Biggest selling double sleeping bag from Outwell
outwell dreamhaven single 10.0 cm
Outwell Dreamhaven Single 10.0 cm - New for 2021 Outwell 10 cm single self-inflating luxury camping mat
robens campground 30
Robens Campground 30 - Great value Roben self inflating mat (SIM)
outwell dreamcatcher single 10cm
Outwell Dreamcatcher Single 10cm - Luxury Self-inflating mat with air flow control valve
Out Of Stock
robens spire 1
Robens Spire 1 - Quality 2 seasons plus sleeping bag at a reasonable price
outwell flock superior with built-in pump
Outwell Flock Superior Double With Built-in Pump - Deluxe double height double air bed with built-in electric pump
Out Of Stock
outwell contour lux double
Outwell Contour Lux Double - luxury double sleeping bag
Out Of Stock
Vango Atlas 250 Sleeping Bag Dusty Pink
outwell sleepin single 5.0 cm
Outwell Sleepin Single 5.0 cm - Great value slef-inflating camping mat
vango aurora double
Vango Aurora Double - Large deluxe double sleeping bag
outwell superior double w. built-in pump
Outwell SUPERIOR DOUBLE W. BUILT-IN PUMP - A double height double air bed with built-in electric pump
Out Of Stock
Campingaz Compact Single Air Bed ideal for small sized double/single sleeping pods
Out Of Stock
outwell campion lux single
Outwell Campion Lux Single - Great value single square 3 season sleeping bag
outwell contour supreme
Outwell Contour Supreme -
outwell sleepin single 10.0 cm
Outwell Sleepin Single 10.0 cm - Extra thick single self-inflating mat at a great price
outwell roadtrip double
Outwell Roadtrip Double - Great value double sleeping bag with a soft feel
outwell superior double airbed with built-in pump
Outwell Superior Double Airbed With Built-in pump - Luxury double height double airbed with built-in electric pump
outwell celebration lux double
Outwell Celebration Lux Double 2020 - Great value double sleeping bag
Outwell Wind Gust Tent Pump 12V
Out Of Stock
outwell contour lux xl green
Outwell Contour Lux XL Green - New version of the over-sized Outwell luxury sleeping bag
Out Of Stock
vango comfort 10 double
Vango Comfort 10 double, 10cm self-inflating mat
Out Of Stock
vango atlas 250 square black
Vango Atlas 250 Square Black - 2 season lightweight great value sleeping bag by Vango
robens vapour 60
Robens Vapour 60 - Ultra lightweight backpacking airbed
outwell dreamhaven double 10.0 cm
Outwell Dreamhaven Double 10.0 cm - New for 2021 Outwell 10 cm double self-inflating luxury camping mat
Out Of Stock
outwell celebration lux black
Outwell Celebration Lux Black - New lightweight square single sleeping bag with a small pack size
Great value 3/4 season camping with the Vango Nitestar 350
Out Of Stock
vango atlas atlas junior bondi blue
Vango Atlas Atlas Junior Bondi Blue - great value children's 2 season sleeping bag
Vango Atlas 250 Sleeping Bag - Black
Vango Atlas 250 Square Sleeping Bag - Hot coral