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Duke of Edinburgh Equipment

For over 50 years the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme has been running and hundreds of thousands awards have been achived, to help gain your award you will require a selection of outdoor equipment, whether its Bronze ,Silver or Gold.The Award itself has a recomended kit list BUT you may find that alternatives my suit your budget or style more, its also advisable before buying your equipment to check what kit is supplied by your groupThe following is a range of equipment that is suitable for all awards, if we don't have it here it may still be available so please contact us 
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 Expedition RucksacksOn Expedition most groups will be 4 people or above, everybody is expected to carry all there own equipment as well as there group equipment (split equily between the group members)The award recomends rucksacks between 55 and 65 litre capacity although some participants maybe able to carry slightly larger packsOn the "official" recomended kit list there are 3 styles of Rucksack all made by Vango and although these are very good quality and great value alternatives are allowedThe following rucksacksall suitable for all levels of expeditions
 Expedition foodThere are 2 main types of Expedition food1st Wayfayer pre cooked meals, these meals can be eaten cold, boil in the bag, or pan cooked. Packed full of energy tastes great and comes in 25 different packs.2nd is Mountain House, freeze dried food....just add boiling water!, mush lighter than Wayfayer meals but not quite as tasty


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